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The Work Club is a space for women to feel empowered, motivated and inspired whilst running their start-up businesses and freelance careers.


The Work Club launched in early 2018 by Seyda, a freelance product photographer after working from home for over 2 years and experiencing how isolating and demotivating self-employed life can be.

The space was created for women who wanted to meet like-minded women to share ideas with and to have a space that would help separate personal life from work life. The Work Club isn’t just a co-working space, it’s a supportive community. A place to discuss our goals and struggles and to make friends in the industry.

Within 6 months we reached capacity and have housed all kinds of creatives from graphic designers, photographers to florists, makers and writers. Our mission is to reach more self employed women by connecting them to a supportive community via our Facebook group and Breakfast club sessions.

I love everything about freelancing as a graphic designer except the loneliness. Until last year, working from Starbucks was the most sociable environment available so I was thrilled when The Work Club opened a short walk from home. Within weeks I felt part of a face-to-face network of warm, talented women, in an area that is really short of co-working spaces and female creative communities. To have so many needs met in one space is beyond valuable - I’m more productive, energised and inspired than ever and laugh more times in any working day now than the last few years. Having regular socials and business vision meetings are a total bonus. Plus I get to bring my dog!
— natalia